Delly Benson Latest Music from Album “You are Lord” Listen now

Click Play to Listen to “Plis Ou Menm” By: Delly Benson from Haiti
Delly Benson – Plis Ou Menm


  1. Henry says:

    Another great voice, very uplifting. May God bless you to produce more songs like this for the community.

  2. One of my favorite song by Delly, Pi bon momanm pase is the best thou.

  3. Guy Rosier says:

    Beautiful song, very spiritual and in fact I love most of Delly’s song. Thank you for sharing chantepouchrist.

  4. Nick says:

    Sensational, this is good gospel music here it really transform the atmosphere

  5. Sonny Louima says:

    Very interesting, just what I wanted to here at the moment.

  6. isiah says:

    mwen renmen li gospel

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All Artist Contacts Here on ChantepouchristAll Artist Contacts Here on Chantepouchrist

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