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Soulé, whose ministry began in the Fall of 2004, is comprised of two members; Nathalie Jean-Louis, the eldest of three born to Aly and Ange Jean-Louis in Brooklyn, New York. She is a graduate of New York University, with a Masters in Social Work, who currently works as a Program Director for Neighbors Together. She has tried her hand in a variety of instruments, including the soprano/alto saxophone and clarinet, but currently plays the piano for the group. Fellow band mate and group guitarist, Vanessa Laurent, is one of 7 children born to Daniel & Marie-Lourdes Laurent in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently attending Teachers College at Columbia University studying Applied Behavioral Analysis while teaching special needs children for the NYC School District.

Soulé originally began with three vocal members. Over the span of 1 year, the tides as well as the group have changed. With the exit of one vocal member, Soulé was forced to revise their ministry’s plan. But those sudden changes didn’t deter the focus and determination of the newly constructed group. In the midst of their storms, the group continued to consistently book events and perform in popular venues such as the House of Blues, World Live Café and New York Café.

To date, Soulé continues their effective ministry while also pursuing personal goals. They are presently working on their first studio project with Matthew Smythe and CodaStar Productions. Their freshman album is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2012. With their musical talents, the duo hopes to evolve the sound of gospel music by producing timeless art that will ultimately mend broken hearts, heal souls and change lives. When asked what the group’s ultimate goal is….the answer is simple, “We want to give the world Jesus!”



  1. The picture is really beautiful very professional

  2. this is really cool, I like it!

  3. Tina says:

    I like the make up and the colors very nice

  4. Louna says:

    Very beautiful ladies i love the air style and the pose too

  5. Kathy says:

    Keep it up girls may your ministry goes further by the grace of God.

  6. Louis valme says:

    I’m not truly superb with style but this looks beautiful

  7. isabel marseille says:

    Thnx for sharing! two thumbs up.

  8. Jean Rony says:

    Beautiful picture looking good in Christ ladies

  9. Victor Smith says:

    Wow very beautiful ladies keep up the good work.

  10. Vivi says:

    There is nothing more beautiful when young talents like that are using their gifts for God. Singers/musicians heaven is rejoicing. I love you guys Soule keep up the good work.

  11. Lydi Edouart says:

    very beautiful ladies I like it

  12. Talia says:

    How beautiful you guys are just woww.

  13. Medi Christian says:

    I need to visit this site more often wowww Never seen Soule at this level before. Beautiful girls I love this.

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