Golden Light 2 New Songs on New Album “Hosanna” Listen Now

Golden Light 2 New Songs on New Album “Hosanna” Listen Now for booking call: (718) 679-0858


Click Play to Listen to Golden Light “Atirem Sou ou” Sing by Bonel Bermigham

Golden Light – Atirem Sou Ou

Click Play to Listen to Golden Light “Touchem”

Golden Light – Touchem


  1. Dominique says:

    Very nice Golden Light good job I really love the songs. May God bless the band.

  2. Rick says:

    Bon bagay net mwen vreman renmen sa

  3. Jean Rony says:

    Hot Stuff I love the first remix of draw me close to you just beautiful

  4. Alex says:

    I enjoy them thanks for sharing

  5. Ti Blanc says:

    Golden Light rocks you guys are amazing specially when playing live

  6. Junior Senat says:

    Both songs are good but I like the second one better, in anyway well done.

  7. Wowwww so many great talents in Golden Light I never knew mr. Bonel could also sing I mean He’s really good and also excelent in the keyboard Joe on the other side is a great singer and guitar player that is just really God’s blessing. Excelent job Golden Light

  8. Gousman Zamor says:

    First time i’m hearing Bonel lead and he does do a good job on this first song. He is indeed a very talented artist.

  9. Nadege says:

    Good job Golden light with this new album I love the band. God bless you guys.

  10. Mike says:

    The musical is just perfect that’s some good stuff

  11. Bel mizik Golden Light i’ll give them 5 stars.

  12. Young Milly says:

    Nice music thank you for sharing chantepouchrist.

  13. Albert J says:

    Quite frankly Golden Light always make good stuff. I would say it’s been a long time coming cause I haven’t seen anything from the group for a while now and i’m happy that something is release may God bless you guys.

  14. Robenson says:

    I could say this the best I heard from Golden Light so far. keep it up guys.

  15. Fabi Cadet says:

    Very nice Golden Light I love them well sing well play keep it up guys.

  16. t anglade says:

    wow it seems like the band got better maybe it’s just a better recording but i can tell that things are better

  17. Beautiful songs, Golden light is very different compared to a lot of bands I see out there now and being unique is a very positive thing when it comes to making music for the lord because it shows that you have a unique message from above. Keep shining your light Golden Light and may the Lord bless you.

  18. Jean Charles says:

    two very good peices Golden Light I would say they are flawless and very well done vocally and musically keep up the good work

  19. Jonas Paul says:

    I really like the work you guys are doing for God? Keep it up guys and God will bless you.

  20. Bibi Mars says:

    I love them I think you guys are doing a great job may God bless you.

  21. Laura Destin says:

    Hello thanks for posting these songs I enjoy them very much.

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