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Born in June 19, 1968 in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Rony Janvier is a very talented musician. In 1986, Rony Janvier moved to the United States with his parents. A few years later, he started his singing career with a group called Christian Brothers. He was the lead vocalist on their album entitled “Tout Pou Jezu”. In 1999, Rony Janvier started his solo career with his first album, “Chante Non Li”. At that time, his album was among the best ever heard by the Haitian Christian Community. In 2001, Rony Janvier was recognized in Brooklyn New York by the Haitian Gospel Music Awards Committee as the best male vocalist of the Year.

Rony Janvier is not only a vocalist but also a guitarist and a keyboardist. Through out his musical career he has played the keyboard for several churches in the Haitian Community. Aside from music, Rony Janvier is a man with several degrees. In 1990, he obtained his Associate degree in Technology from Nassau Community College. Four years later he received his Bachelor’s degree from State University of Farmingdale in Electrical Engineering. Several years later, Rony Janvier obtained his first Masters from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Multi-Cultural Education. He is also the holder of a permanent New York State Teacher’s License in Mathematics. As a devoted Christian, Rony felt the need to study the Word of God. He pursued a Doctor’s degree in Christian Education. He Graduated from Seminary a few years later.

As you enjoy Rony Janvier’s music, remember to keep this brother and family man in prayer. Rony Janvier’s life is exemplified by hard work and dedication. Nothing can stop him from praising and worshiping the God who created heaven and earth.


  1. wowww this is just great I love it. There is a great message in this video.

  2. Nice video. debouyew zanmim le a rive

  3. Gina says:

    Du bon travay serviteur kenbe la nan kris la

  4. Runel Moncher says:

    Thank you for this message Rony Janvier God bless you.

  5. Nancy Auleus says:

    Amazing story brother God is with you. So many sucess could have turned you away from the Lord but there’s nothing better than to give God glory for which we was created.

  6. Gousman Zamor says:

    Good video and very lively, the message is definitely got through. Keep it up brother

  7. Fabi says:

    Very interesting and I want to say i’m blessed for the encouragement thank you.

  8. Albert J says:

    Nice video brother Rony keep up the good work.

  9. Many artist make music to grab people’s attention so they can sell but you need a lot of guts to make a video like this. One that can actually help people soul to be saved. This clearly shows what kind of an artist you are brother and your true goal with this video. Your reward is definitely await you in heaven may God bless you.

  10. Robenson says:

    This is really good on a spiritual stand point good job on making this video.

  11. Fabi says:

    That is true @ George this video really speak to the poeple to do something in their lives. It really isn’t about coming buy me.

  12. I appreciate this viddeo thank you for this message and may god continue to use you to help others lift up their spirit.

  13. Vjay says:

    @ George/Fabi you’re absolutely right guys we really don’t see many songs or video like that nowadays and I really don’t know why maybe the fans won’t support those genre?

  14. Wesley Deschamps says:

    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great content.|I hope God bless you more

  15. Maslin 509 says:

    I like it very much!

  16. Ti Kenny says:

    nice I really like this effort and encourage to make more music like this. Good job my brother.

  17. Romane Valme says:

    vocal talents, musician and several degrees what more can you ask for? God has his hands on you and it’s very fortunate to understand it is God that gives and that you must glorify him may God bless you more.

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