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Born 2 Serve New Music and Video from Miami Florida for Booking Please Call: (407) 967-9886

Click Play to Listen to Born2Serve – Born to Serve the Creole Version

Born 2 Serve – Born 2 Serve (Creole Version)

Click Play to Listen to Born2Serve – Born to Serve the English Version

Born 2 Serve – Born 2 Serve (English Version)


  1. Fredy Jeanty says:

    Wowww very nice, well done. The music is just beautiful

  2. Evans Satine says:

    Nicely done it’s a good way to tell the story of david i like it.

  3. Bethsaida says:

    I love it keep it up guys.

  4. jones says:

    owesome music. the Afro Caribbean groove is proper.

  5. I want to give some words of encouragement to this group, you guys have a bright futur and started out really good. The poster is so far the best i’ve seen in the haitian community and the music is just unbelievable. The music video really add a lot to how people really see the music and understand the story moreover it helps promote the song also. A creole and an english version I mean who does that? it’s a lot of work and i’m sure it will well pay off. Congratulations in coming out with this band and God bless Born2Serve.

  6. Eddy says:

    a big applause for this song. I like the fact that it’s different from what I usually here in the Haitian music industry whether gospel or secular. Good job T-Harold and Born2Serve whoever arrange this song. It’s not only different but its awesome.

  7. Maurice Lami says:

    Heavens rejoice for your return brother there is a big party in heaven when a soul is saved as well as for a lost sheep that returns. Let them know what it is brother.

  8. Vilme D says:

    Don’t really like the video but the song is really good. I’m not sure the video really show what the song is about.

  9. Carline Joseph says:

    I just want to say I’m newbie on this site and I love what I’m seeing so far great music.

  10. Mike says:

    I agree @ Valme though the song is really about the name of the group that is a good way to start sort of like a theme for the group.

  11. Nathou Paris says:

    Congratulations guys in releasing your first single i’m expecting to see more from you guys. T-Harold is a great producer and I know you guys have a lot to offer again congratulation.

  12. Kreye pou loue Se nan Jezi sel ki gen Lavi fo nou bali gloire

  13. Natacha says:

    These two versions are really good but I like my creole better. Anyway good job Born2serve.

  14. We are so thrilled and honored from everyone’s comment. This means alot to the ministry!

    Stay connected wit us, on these following sites:

  15. Shirley says:

    I would like to know who to contact to book your band for an event/concert for Saturday, March 25.


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