Disciples of Christ (D.O.C) is Officially Retiring as a Band Read Now

Dear DOC friends and supporters,

It is with saddened and inflamed hearts that we are expressing in the note . As you might know, The ministry Disciples Of Christ better known as DOC, has been part of the Gospa Community for more than 18 years. Throughout this great journey, we have made some great friends and encountered people from all walks of life. For that, we are grateful and will forever be.
< We pray that through the musical talents that God has bestowed upon us, we have touched at least one person in a positive way. In DOC, we have committed our efforts mostly on providing clean musical entertainment for the youth while exposing the word of God to all. And for all that we might have accomplished, paving a positive path for the youth, but the time has come for us to regress from some aspects of our ministry as God has called some of us to other responsibilities. With that said, DOC is officially retiring. Yes we actually used the “R” word and the is not not a hoax or some way to grab attention in anyway. God has shown us it is time to make room for a new generation,and we pray that it is one that will continue on a positive path and create a legacy for the next. We don't hold many regrets as we have always tried and will always try to follow the orders from the higher power. As you will continue to see some of our faces in the Gospa community and we will continue to work in accord with other ministries, but the name DISCIPLES OF CHRIST “DOC” is officially decamped and will be raised to the rafters sort of speak. We would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone who has in one way or another touched our lives or supported our ministries. We all know that it hasn't always been a smooth road, but we can truly say that we wouldn’t have it any other way and if/when God calls upon us again, we will be ready, willing and able to do it all over again. THANK YOU, and THANK YOU again and again. We will forever be indebted you for your prayers, money, guidance, loyalty, friendship, acceptance and everything else we failed to mention in this short note. We don't know what other words to use to express our thanks. To the ministries that knows why and for whom they are working, we pray that you stay together under the cross 24/24 “san medyokrite”. Always remember that it is not about you and will never be. Until you know that, you're just playing music and not ministering and your expiration date is stamped and it is soon/now/2013. We'd love to say more on here, but we're only allowed so many characters. For that reason, We will host a retirement concert/party/action de grace/thank you fest march 30, 2013 God willing. More information will soon follow as to what place and time. And we truly hope that you can share this special day with the DOC family. We appreciate you,

200,000,000 Thanks!!!!!!!


  1. Woww that is deeply sadden such a great positive ministry.

  2. Michelin says:

    Sad indeed I hope it’s for the better they are great

  3. Greg Plaisir says:

    Wow :'( I wonder what’s next for the members hopefully they all stay in Christ the devil will try to get them to play for secular.

  4. Please keep me posted!!! you guys we’re truly being used by God and still are. God has called you to start your own ministries and I am so excited but sad at the same time, (I know God has called to start your own church 😉 God is good!!! please inform me when and where the last concert will be (a thanksgiving service) this is all bitter sweet but God is good! love ya’ll <3

  5. Young Milly says:

    That’s not what I wanted to hear right now, can’t be true.

  6. Regens L says:

    Woww didn’t see that coming may God bless them. @ Ephenie do you know which one of the members is starting the church? Thanks.

  7. Romner says:

    That is not great news… but the haitian community is responsible for all that…. If the community used to support them the way that the american people support their super stars, they would not talk about retiring bcause they are all young talented fellows. Please learn from that….

  8. Lesner says:

    I wish you the best D.O.C let the Lord guide your steps no matter which road you take let it be for the glory of god

  9. Sam Junior J says:

    Does that mean they won’t play music no more or different members will join other bands? I can understand the band D.O.C will not be playing no more but will such talented musical gifted musicians be wasted? Will God-given talent be put to rest? Help me clarify that please.

  10. D.C says:

    This is a first, I never heard of that before not even in the secular industry

  11. Moun beni says:

    Is there a real reason for the retirement? Why should such a young band retire at this early age is something wrong? As we can see band like Soufle Divin is still around, Alabanza is still around. Is this a break up or a retirement I hope some body can give me an answer to this.

  12. One mission may come after the other, their goal and the message may have accomplished and they might be on their way for another mission and may God be with them.

  13. KD Elishama says:

    D.O.C will always be around,..i heard the news as well but these guys pave the way for a lotta bands playing GOSPA, we all have a little bit of DOC inside of us, believe it or not, they probably feel like it’s time to take a break…out of respect they step forward and let us know what’s going so they wont keep us wondering and next thing we know we start drawing our own conclusion…..Michael Jordan retired and he came back better than ever, si Michael te ka tounen ebien KOT SA JEZU PAKA FE LA AA….i’m gonna say Rest In Peace D.O.C, we’ll be patiently waiting for you guys again….Love You guys…GodisGood

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