Jacques Lemaine New Video “Tann Kou Pa Ou Pa Prese” on Chantepouchrist

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Jacques Jacques and Maggie Lemaine

Jacques and Maggie Lemaine are well-known Christian Gospel Artist along the Haitian Gospel Circuit. They started singing together since 1979, with the gospel group “Les Miracles” which they founded. They later married in 1984 and started the original gospel group “Golden Light “ In 1985. The group produced one album in the 1987. Jacques and Maggie later moved to New Jersey in 1994. Soon after, in 1995 they created another group “ Kades Barnea “ and the group was blessed to produce five albums in title, Fok Sa Change’, Suspan Kritike’, Santifie’w, Sa Sa Koute’ou (2008), and the latest released album

“Le’ya Rive’ “(2012) . Jacques and Maggie have been singing the gospel continuously and with such love for the Lord and they have made it their mission to sing praises to God with songs such as “Tout Gloua se pou Bon Dieu “ and their tribute to their country of Haiti.

“Yonti Chance Pou Jesus”. Pastor Jacques Lemaine along with his wife Maggie Lemaine are now rising to the top of the Haitian gospel charts. With the recent release of their current project, this couple have served as an inspiration to all and is currently blazing the radio airways. There is no stopping this couple Who is on a mission to fulfill their calling and that is to impact their community and the world.


  1. Wilfrid says:

    Tres bel oeuvre pou seye a toujou rete nan pye li pa lage ak jezi nap rive

  2. Menm jan proverb la di tro prese pa fe jou louvri

  3. Jean Dany says:

    Good job Jacques Lemaine you have been praising God for a long time and still holding strong God will reward you may God bless you.

  4. Alex JP says:

    Bon bagay bel mesaj

  5. Nathan says:

    Wow never knew you guys started Golden Light they are such a blessing and a great contribution to Haitian gospel music .

  6. Esdras Jeune says:

    Kontinye bay parol la mon frere sa se travay tout kretyen.

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