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Cassandra Momplaisir is a Haitian Christian recording artist who resides in New Jersey. She loves to share her joy of music with audiences near and far. Inspired by singer, Sandy Patti, she also feels the necessity and significance in participating in God’s ministry. Cassandra has been featured in many concerts, weekly worship services, weddings, fundraisers, and most recently a Haiti Earthquake Benefit Concert hosted by Doctor’s Without Borders.

‘Sak Ta Di Sa’ is Cassandra’s first single off of her second album. It is translated as ‘Who Would Have Thought’. This single was created to explain God’s grace. His love surrounds us all the time, especially through the struggles, making it possible for us to survive the difficult storm. Cassandra is a living testimony and is ever thankful to God for being so merciful.

Cassandra sees her voice as a gift from God and is delighted at the chance to share her gift with others. She hopes to touch the lives of every listener who hears her music by giving them hope and sharing the love God, that is revealed to us every day.


  1. I love all her music especially pi prew tres bel voix seour Cassandra Momplaisir

  2. Sherry says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good inofrmaiton!

  3. isiah says:

    I luv u cassandra

  4. just love all cassandra’s music and songs,
    would like to purchase all of her gospel albums, but do not know specific website where to purchase, please let me know.
    Please direct me.
    Thank you, we will be praying for her quick recovery.
    Minister Nestor.

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All Artist Contacts Here on ChantepouchristAll Artist Contacts Here on Chantepouchrist

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